About Me

For me, like it is for so many other artists, the question of why I work is quite moot.  There is no “why”, there is no other option. Creation is as necessary to life as oxygen.

In the turbulence of my youth, I found solace in creation. I was a manic child suddenly tamed in the silent solitude of art. Getting my hands dirty and discovering the little creatures climbing their way out of fabric and clay has never lost its thrill. I refuse to stunt their growth; I say "let them evolve".

I rarely make sketches but trust my process and the natural progression of ideas. Each piece is one of a kind because I use no molds or patterns. In the studio I am messy, I get clay in my hair and paint on my elbows. Thus I prefer to use materials that I can handle without concerns of toxicity. I like to be able to touch everything with my hands. I cannot achieve my desired results using only tools. It is very likely on close inspection you will find my fingerprints. 

I look forward to new projects and am absolutely thrilled by the birth of a new piece that is only realized once I have added the eyes and face. I am never sure what is being created until it has a face to tell me where we are going next.

The evolution of my work continues with new materials and concepts found in people and faces everywhere. With every new creation another peeks it's eyes or hands out at me and says, "come play".  

We invite you to come and play with us.